Medallion Lapel Pins

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Brand yourself as an elite tanker, scout, or cavalryman with the Order of Saint George lapel pin and a recipient of the coveted Order of Saint George Medallion.  Additionally, by displaying the image of Saint George, you continue the legacy of the armored knight who helps those in need, who is the epitome of selfless service, and who is the archetypal mounted warrior. St. Joan of Arc is the patroness of soldiers. She stands as a reminder of the sacrifices of the Cavalry and Armor spouse of self to God, nation, unit, and soldier. Joan of Arc continues to this day to be the name in which the word “hope” clings to. Wearing of the lapel pin reminds us of the sacrifices the troopers’ spouse makes on a daily basis to support her trooper. The lapel pin measures 7/8” in diameter.   The St George lapel pin measures 5/8" in diameter and is available in bronze and silver.

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